CR Gioielli 4C


Our Jewelry’s designers has blurred the boundaries of fine jewelry, there daily passion has pushed them to become the new wave of jewelry designers, creating collections that weave together old world techniques with modern technology and innovation of today and tomorrow.


Walk the talk: our policy is to keep the promises we make to our partners and show it up consistently and also bringing value to the business relationship with our partners.


When you buy a diamond you get a precious and priceless treasure from a trusted partner so it is essential to have the CERTAINTY of what you receive and for this reason all our diamonds are verified and certified by the three most renowned diamond classification laboratories in the world : IGI, GIA and HRD.The same principle applies when you buy a precious jewel indelible memory of a unique and indescribable emotion that with absolute CERTAINTY can preserve its value over time. Therefore, for CRgioielli CERTAINTY is a fundamental principle, an assurance that it intends to offer to its customers. All our jewels and above all.


The raw materials we use are subjected to multiple high quality tests first thanks to the G-Certain “synthetic diamond detector” during the use of technologies with integrated CAD / CAM systems that follow step by step production and finally thanks to the experience of our Italian goldsmiths and setters who have the greatest experience in the sector.