The Diamond, one of the rarest materials in the world, is a mineral of a crystalline substance, natural and transparent, hard to find. It is also the only precious jewel composed of a single element, the “carbon” in its purest form.
Each diamond is the result of an extraordinary journey that has turned this element into one of the most sought-after jewels in the world.
It is formed hundreds of kilometers below the surface of the earth where extreme pressure and temperature transform carbon fragments into diamonds that, after an incredible journey inside a volcano, finally reach the surface.

Your diamond is unique… there are no two identical diamonds, but each diamond has common characteristics determined by four factors defined as “the 4C diamonds” Carat weight (carati), Cut (taglio), Clarity (purezza), Color (colore).

All you should know: the “4C”

A diamond has four characteristics that distinguish a stone and determine its value:

WEIGHT is expressed in carats; the carat corresponds to a fifth of a gram and is in turn divided into 4 grains or 100 points.

THE CLARITY refers to the presence of imperfections in a scale from IF – Internally Flawless (the highest level of purity) to PIQUÈ (when imperfections are visible to the naked eye).

THE COLOR refers to the shades of hue that a stone possesses; from colorless to yellow, with decreasing symbol: D – E – F – G – H – I to Z.

THE CUT refers to the shape and arrangement of the facets and angles: the classic cut is the brilliant round diamond that better reflects the light than any other shape.