Invest in diamonds

In a scenario of international economic crisis, the desire is to protect its assets in order to ensure the preservation of its future, so caution is needed in choosing the right investment.
The investment Diamond is ideal for those looking for a safe haven with a stable growth of the invested capital. The investment diamond is part of an international market of great prestige, extremely solid and constantly growing.

The advantages in investing In Diamonds are many:

  • the growth is steady and the rating is expected to increase naturally, also due to the gradual depletion of major diamond deposits.
  • It is not subject to political / monetary influences.
  • It can be sold anywhere in the world, even in the most difficult political and social situations, provided it is accompanied by an internationally recognized certificate.
  • It is a unique and prestigious asset that has the distinction of being “brought” into the period of possession.
  • Diamond is a free-floating asset subject to VAT, non-taxable and capital gains should not be reported, returns are net.
  • It is an ethical investment and all of the investment diamonds offered by CRgioielli are conflict-free, that is, they comply with United Nations resolutions requiring certification of the provenance of diamonds from legal sources.

Only a few people are able to maintain a consistent performance in the market and manage to maintain a constantly growing price level. Last year, the diamond industry had a turnover of 93 billion dollars. De Beers, through its sales and sales promotion agency with DTC Diamond Trading Company, controlled even 92% of the market, it held almost the absolute monopoly. The quantity of rough diamonds to be processed is adjusted according to market trends, so that even in times of severe crisis, diamond prices can remain stable without experiencing any kind of decline.
All of this has always guaranteed steady growth over time, with inflation in excess of 2.1-2.2% in recent years.

The diamond market is regulated by several international price lists, but the most important and most significant is the RAPAPORT DIAMOND REPORT. This real price basis of each diamond certified by esteemed and recognized laboratories around the world.

H.R.D. (Hoge Raad voor Diamant o Diamond High Council)
G.I.A. (Gemological Insitute of America)
I.G.I (International Gemological Insitute)

The proposed investment must contain easily resoldable diamonds so the investor can quickly monetize if needed; moreover, the investment is such that the purchase price is in line with the market (a price comparison with the same characteristics makes it possible to identify the most competitive company). In summary, we can conclude that the “goodness” of investment depends essentially on the seriousness of the company.
It is essential to choose the characteristics of the diamonds to buy because only 1.5% to 1.9% have the characteristics of the investment diamond.
The should be considered medium-term and in no case less than 6 years because by its nature the diamond is not a speculative investment. For a quicker and simpler resale, it is advisable to diversify the purchase according to the different characteristics such as the weight, the color and the purity.
Investing in diamonds also means eliminating all speculative temptations, guaranteeing a kind of pleasant assurance on life (been a live) and children and grandchildren a non-taxable and anonymous capital. For this reason, given our many years of experience and knowledge of the diamond market, always respecting principles such as: quality, transparency and professionalism, we have decided to propose ourselves as a secure and consolidated partner on the international markets, able to support the client in his investments. on its specific needs.
After careful analysis (capital available, need for flexibility, differentiation of the portfolio), we can advise the type of diamonds, the quantity and the most appropriate certifications.
In addition, we provide information on how to store diamonds over time, how to find up-to-date quotes at any time and how to relocate them to the market.
The experience accumulated over the years, combined with the ability to find diamonds at source, allows us to provide the most comprehensive advice to the client and, therefore, the best investment.

A diamond is forever
Invest in Diamands with CR Gioielli S.r.l.