Investing in Diamonds


In a scenario of international economic crisis, the desire is to protect one’s assets in order to ensure the preservation of one’s future, therefore great caution is required in choosing the right investment.
The investment diamond is ideal for those looking for a safe haven asset with stable growth of the invested capital. The investment diamond is part of an international market of great prestige, extremely solid and in constant growth.
The advantages of investing in diamonds are many:


  • It has a constant growth and its price is destined to increase naturally, also due to the progressive exhaustion of the main diamond fields.
  • It is not subjected to political / currency influences.
  • It can be liquidated all over the world, even in the most difficult political and social situations, as long as it is accompanied by an internationally recognized certificate.
  • It is a unique and prestigious good and has the characteristic of being able to be “carried” during the period of possession.
  • The Diamond is a free circulation asset subject to VAT, not taxable and the capital gains are not to be declared, the returns are net.
  • It is an Ethical Investment and all the investment diamonds offered by CR Gioielli are Conflict Free, that is, they comply with the United Nations resolutions that require the certification of the origin of diamonds from legitimate sources.

Only a few subjects are able to keep the market in constant return, managing to ensure a constantly growing price level. The diamond industry had a $ 93 billion turnover last year. De Beers, through its sales and commercial promotion branch with the DTC Diamond Trading Company, even controlled 92% of the market: that is to say that it held almost an absolute monopoly. The amount of rough diamonds to be brought for processing is regulated according to the market trend, so, even in periods of severe depression, the diamond prices can remain stable without undergoing any kind of decline.
All this has always guaranteed constant growth over time which in recent years has even exceeded inflation by 2.1-2.2%

The diamond market is regulated by various international lists but the most important and significant of all is the RAPAPORT DIAMOND REPORT.

This Price List lays a solid foundation on real quotations for each diamond where the seriousness and professionalism of the selling company is fulfilled by offering certified diamonds by esteemed and recognized laboratories worldwide.

The investment offered must contain easily resalable diamonds so that in case of need the investor can quickly monetize; moreover, the investment is such if the purchase price is in line with the market (a price comparison with the same characteristics allows you to identify the most competitive company). In summary, we can conclude that the “goodness” of the investment is entrusted primarily to the seriousness of the company from which it was bought.

Choosing the characteristics of the diamonds to buy is essential as only 1.5-1.9% have the characteristics of an investment diamond.
The investment must be viewed at MEDIUM-LONG term and in any case not less than 6 years, as by its nature it is not a speculative investment. weight, color and purity preferably not exceeding a purchase threshold for a single diamond not exceeding 95-100 thousand euros.
Investing in Diamonds also means eliminating any speculative temptation, guaranteeing yourself a sort of enjoyable life insurance (while continuing to live) and your children and grandchildren a non-taxable and anonymous capital. For this reason, given our many years of experience and our undisputed recognition of the diamond market, always following principles such as: Quality, Transparency and Professionalism, we have decided to propose ourselves as a safe and consolidated partner on international markets able to accompany the customer in the investment. on your specific needs.
After careful analysis (available capital, need for flexibility, portfolio differentiation) we are able to recommend the most suitable type of diamonds, quantity and certifications.
In addition, we provide information on how to keep diamonds over time, how to find updated quotes at any time and how to place them back on the market.
The experience accumulated over the years, combined with the ability to find diamonds at the source, allows us to provide the customer with the most complete advice and, therefore, the best investment.

A diamond is forever
Invest in Diamonds with CR Gioielli S.r.l.