Our company has long used the most advanced technology in the world:

Our diamonds are tested one by one before being assigned to the chain of production, distribution and sale to give the certainty that they are 100% natural without any pre or post-cutting treatment and especially without any synthetic process in the laboratory. To do this, after several tests performed on various devices on the market, we relied on the most innovative equipment and the most accurate for the control of natural geological diamond on the market or G-Certain design designed and tested by the manufacturer Massive Tech Lab: this equipment is a synthetic diamond detector used for the detection of synthetic materials, which is not a type separator, but identifies synthetic diamonds grown in the laboratory with CVD and HPHT methods and behaves effectively with all types of synthetic diamonds. existing dimensions, shapes and colors of diamonds. You can view it on the link:


Control and definition of the diamond

Assistance of cut and re-cut and polish

GIA, HRD and IGI Certifications

Evaluation and withdrawal of diamonds